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The website previously available via URL: FHSFalconAlumni.us has been retired.


Class of 1975 alum, John Burns, started a website using the domain name: FHSFalconAlumni.us, in March 2004, as his class approached their 30th year reunion. The goal of the website was to enable sharing and reconnecting with classmates, without the hassle of advertisement and junk mail common to the commercial websites of that time. Over time, the website connected over 500 alums from as far back as Class of 1956 through Class of 2007.

Usage of FHSFalconAlumni.us peaked around 2010, with about 10-20% of registered alumni using the site each of those years. About that time, social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) really took off. More and more alumni were reconnecting via these other online tools.

FHSFalconAlumni.us was mothballed in later 2013, as security concerns over active hacking via "our" NSA made me reconsider the effort required to protect the stored alumni data. For about 2 years, I considered several online uses of the website, which might be useful to the alumni of Farmington High.

The cost to keep the site active is small (about $20/year), however, the time & effort required to revamp it... exceeded that which I had available. In February 2016, as the domain name renewal drew close - I made the decision to pull the plug. The domain FHSFalconAlumni.us expired on March 2nd, 2016. Roughly 12 years after I created it.

Thank you to all alumni who participated.

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